[ The Psychology of Colour ]

Research has shown that colours can affect our moods and overall well-being and is known to stimulate emotions in people.
Each piece comes with a corresponding card that describes what the colour symbolizes.
[ GREEN ]: The colour green is associated to growth and health. As we see in nature, green is expressed as renewal and life – a fresh start or new beginning. Green represents a refreshing and peaceful colour, evoking feelings of abundance while providing a restful and secure feeling.
[ YELLOW ] : Yellow is the colour of optimism. It is a compelling colour that conveys a light, happy and joyful energy. This colour of sunshine is uplifting and illuminating and associated with success and confidence. Yellow stimulates the left side of the brain, helping with clear thinking and quick decision making.
[ ORANGE ]: In psychology, orange is the colour of excitement and enthusiasm. It is associated with being outgoing while being warm and inviting. Combining the stimulation of of red with the cheerfulness of yellow, Orange is associated with feelings of happiness and joy. Orange also gives us mental and physical energy that is positive and optimistic.  
[ BLUE ]: Blue inspires confidence and represents strength, trust, loyalty, wisdom, integrity and responsibility. Blue is also the colour of peace. The shade of the sea and the sky, it induces calm and serenity. Blue has also been linked with creativity.
[ PINK ]: Pink is the colour of sensitivity & compassion. It combines the passion of red with the purity of white to create this colour associated with nurturing and love. With calming and reassuring energy, Pink is a sign of hope, providing a feeling of safety and a sense that everything will be okay.

[ PURPLE ]: The colour purple reflects leadership, power and wisdom. Known to be a soothing colour, purple is associated with independence, introspection, reflection, gratitude and compassion. It is also a colour that evokes creativity and is connected to spirituality.

[ RED ]: Red signifies excitement, passion and strength. In some cultures red also represents luck and prosperity. One of the boldest colours on the spectrum, red is associated with strong emotions of love, courage and power. It is also linked to determination and ambition. Use red when you want to inspire action.